Full Spine

The most common technique used in chiropractic clinics. It is as old as the profession itself. It is a development of old Meric and palmer and Stephenson techniques and widely taught in chiropractic colleges with some variations.


It is a hand art skill depends on placing the force on subluxated segment with either recoil or trust impacts. Diagnosing such segment take place by palpation or heat sensing instruments where a fixated or misaligned segment identified. Systemic symptoms of diseased organ is taken in consideration depends on nerve supply. Patient is placed on a flat bench.

Diversified technique is the standard name for osseous (bony) adjustment of full spine. Technique applied to entire spinal column segments from neck to pelvis. There are some 58 “set-ups” for correction of spine and some 140 for correction of extremities such as used for knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder and wrist.

Gonstead technique is one of full spine specific techniques where we use in addition to palpation and regular analysis the x-ray analysis to identify the exact misalignment of a segment.

In our office we apply the clinically taught technique with some modification depends on age, mobility and underlying bone condition.

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