Drop Table

In these techniques regular bench is replaced by a moving parts table. Each moving part drops in an angle that matches the area of spine adjusted from neck to pelvis. This way decrease the load patient feel during adjustment and accelerates motion.

Many techniques use the principle of drop. Aim to the same intention of adjustment to correct motion, alignment and/or function of vertebral joint.

Toggle drop: When we use crossed hands and press down firmly on a particular area of spine. Then with a quick and precise trust adjusting the spine. This is done to improve mobility in vertebral joint and is Widely used in upper cervical region.


Thompson Technique: A variation of diversified technique using the drop table. The segment being adjusted is cocked up a fraction of an inch. So that when the trust is delivered, the table will drop down along with the spinal segment that is being adjusted. The table movement adds speed to the trust and minimizes the force needed.

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