Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)

In this chiropractic technique we use triangular-shaped blocks that act as wedges which are placed at specific positions under the pelvis of the patient. This helps the entire spine by increasing the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid that provides nutrients to the central and peripheral nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerve roots).

Low force, slow pressure types of manipulation to the skull, which specifically follow the patient’s deep breathing pattern, may be used. Inhalation and exhalation patterns correspond to pelvic (Sacro-iliac) and cranial (Occipital) distortions, since these are the only two places in the body where the meninges, which covers the brain and spinal cord, directly attach to the skeleton.

In CRANIAL TECHNIQUE, chiropractic manipulations applied to the joints and sutures of the skull. Since the anatomy and physiology of the skull joints are different than those found in the rest of the body, the style of their manipulation is different.

Cranial adjustments are made by following patients breathing patters while gently pushing on specific joint sutures in specific directions. The sutures of the skull are like gears in a watch. Pushing on one bone of the skull is like turning one gear in a watch, in that it directly and indirectly turns the other bones (gears).

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