Chiropractic Society of Egypt

History of Chiropractic In Egypt

Recently in 1982 a group of Chiorpractors visited Cairo, Egypt upon a prearranged invitation from social insurance department of the Health Ministry.

Dr. Talaat Eizedin was the local orthopedic surgeon that actively participated in success of such step with life University, collage at that time, established 1974. Later and for his efforts he has been awarded Honorary degree of chiropractic.

Although many patients got benefits from the treatment at that time but sadly ministry of health terminated their visit shortly. Whatever still a positive power to keep going resulted in sending first Egyptian doctor to Study at the Life, USA on a scholarship on hope to return and practice in Egypt.

Dr. Medhat Alatar was the first on such program. After his graduation he faced the problem of difficulty to practice in Egypt. So he started to work from overseas and involved with Dr. sid williams the founder and president of life at that time in order to establish more solid program with the government. Growing need arouse at that time to find another person to carry on in Egypt.

Dr. Hussien Elsangak was the second on the initial program to join Life team. Still till his graduation no regulation was settled to practice in Egypt. The two pioneers started to do more efforts to convince the government officials. Furthermore, Life chiropractic designed life around the world program hired Dr. Alattar as a director. Together with Dr. Elsangak alternatively visited Cairo to negotiate the terms of cooperation.

In Addition Dr. Alattar established the Egyptian Chiropractic association at USA. Later in 1990 Ain shams University signed a contract of cooperation with Life University. During that time need emerged to find another interested individuals to join the team and return to Egypt.

Dr. Hany Elbibany was ready as that time to explore the new field. Graduated at Ain Shams medical school in 1994 and opened the first Chiropractic office in Heliopolis, Egypt in 1997. Encouraged by an earlier project held at Ain shams university. Dr. Rod Handly was the American doctor in charge. It was a clinical research project that lasted for two years and end successfully.

Between 1990 and 1997 many others joined Chiropractic schools. Most of them still practicing in USA. The next Chiropractor who returned to Cairo to practice is Dr. Omar Elsagak , 2002 Then  Dr. Ahmed Fargal , 2003.

All through period of Dr. Elbibany stay at Egypt tried to achieve legalization of the profession. Many difficulties faced him ranging from bureaucracy to carelessness and other opposing factors. Whatever his activities recognized by patients and some health care figures.

Upon all difficulty he faced and for the weak performance of overseas association he decided to establish Chiropractic society of Egypt based at Cairo.

Chiropractic society of Egypt

The goal of "Chiropractic society of Egypt" is to gather Chiropractors of Egyptian origin in one organization based at Cairo, Egypt. Upon practical experience of the founder, the Egyptian regulation to establish a profession has to go in certain steps.

The first step is to get recognition of Supreme council of Universities. It has been achieved on a personal level. Other approvals granted previously in 80s.

Second step is recognition through general and special committees inside ministry of health. Because of lack of knowledge about Chiropractic by members in charge, beside personal attitudes of rejecting a new competition to enter health care market, the personal application was halted at that step.

Whatever because this legally incorrect, the Egyptian law give the right to file a case at The Supreme Court to plea against irregularity in governing system.

Gathering enough number of members that have the same objectives will create a solid body to defend our cause in Egypt.

As time runs fast a new Egyptian’s chiropractors has been graduated from various universities worldwide. They trying hard to get the right to practice in Egypt. The society directed by Dr. hany Elbibany actively worked to facilitate this step.

The association recognized as the legal representative for Chiropractic in Egypt and supported by WFC [world Federation of Chiropractic, Canada].WFC is an affiliate to WHO. Doctor Hany Elbibany joined the following activities;

May 2006 attended the first WFC Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting in Cyprus.


2007 held first local Chiropractic conference.

May 2007 Attended WFC 9th Biennial congress in Vilamoura, Portugal

October 2007 attended the second WFC Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting in Istanbul-turkey.

March 2008 Hold and attended the third WFC Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting in Cairo – Egypt.

February 2009 attended the fourth WFC Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting in Dubai , AUE.

April 2010 attended the fifth WFC Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting in Irbid, Jordan.

Upon last meeting a local regional association organized to involve the entire Mediterranean region. You can see the previous events photos and look for Chiropractors at our links.

Recently in 2010 dr. hany Elbibany was approved as an external Faculty at Palmer chiropractic College, USA. They approved his office to Provide practical training for students about to Graduate.

Dr. Mark Gabriel was the first student to attend such program in December 2010. His arrival coincided with the great event of 25th January great Egyptian revolution. He shared with all nation in such event. He expressed his interest to return to practice in cairo after graduation.

IN 2013 Dr. Elbibany attended WFC Congress at Durban south Africa. On March of same year Modern Health system clinic recieved Mina Mikhail as second preceptor student from Logan Chiropractic School, USA.

Dr. Mina Michail graduating april 2013 has devloped with us the Face book page for Chiropractic society of Egypt that shall help the egyptian chiropractic community to gather to achieve our goal.


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