About Dr. Hany Elbibany

Brought up in Egypt has always dreamed to do something different than what my professional family does and to be unique among a family of Engineers, lawyers scientists, and businessmen.

Decided to be a doctor and was able to make it. Graduated in 1984 with Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery From Ain-Shams University, Medical School Cairo-Egypt. Obtained advanced studies in Clinical Pathology at Alazhar University, Cairo-Egypt 1986-1988. But till that time still feel something missing.





Chiropractic field introduced to me through a Doctor associated with Life University that God well drove him my way and a self-motive to help cure my late mothers' back pains.

Admitted to Life University in 1990 and graduated 1994. After a period of training and work as teacher at USA I returned back to Cairo and was able to help my mother's pains.

My first office established at Cairo in 1997 and I kept getting international clinical experience because of limited professional practice over here. I worked at Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and visited Dubai and other cities for chiropractic seminars and I contributed in a few scientific conventions in Egypt.

By the end of 2006 returned back after two years experience in Life Chiropractic center, Malaysia with more practical experience over my twenty years of experience establishing the profession in health care system. Recenltly approved as external faculty for palmar Chiropractic school USA.

In my practice I pay most attention to patient posture and application of daily activities and advice for postural supportive aids, that now carried in my offices. When necessary nutrition and exercise rehabilitation advises are given. In addition I printed an office booklet with all advices for health and is handed out upon first visit. In 2016 as I promised to do my best to add to health care system globally,


Launching clinic in Dubai.

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