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Our experience in spine care supportive aids for more than 15 years, We providing such items to local Egypt market through our clinics that owned by the pioneer chiropractic doctor in Egypt.

Our trade and business part grow with time and recently the owner decided to expand benefits experienced by our clients to all the country.

Our management for more than twenty employees over time and deals with thousands of patients gives us confidence that we can provide new customers satisfaction and comfort.

As a start we choose international products that address both quality and ergonomic design for the spine in al dynamics of daily activities. We give priority to scientifically proven and professionally endorsed items.


Products :-


The perfect fashionable footwear.

Intelli-Sleep Therapeutic Sleep and Posture

System is a unique patented system that is designed to naturally conform to the body movements orthopedically. The special material, Visco Elastic Memory Foam, moulds to body curves and temperature, irrespective of the shape, head size, position or weight of body. By minimizing pressure points, it helps to relieve and prevent neck, low back and body aches.

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